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Our FAQ page contains answers to many common business questions. If you have further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.
Q1. How do I verify a vehicle?

Vehicle ERP Crebit is a database that helps you verify whether or not a vehicle has been reported as stolen or missing.

Q2. What is “Vehicle ERP Crebit”?

Vehicle ERP Crebit is a database that helps you verify whether or not a vehicle has been reported as stolen or missing.

Q3. Is it hard to use a School Management Software?

Not at all. These software systems are designed keeping the user convenience in mind. Anyone, who has some knowledge of operating computers, can use them.

Q4. What’s the proficiency needed to such software? Do we need to give special training to our staff?

Computer literacy is needed but it’s not required for you to be an expert in operating computers. It will take some hours to understand the whole working mechanism of the school software.

Q5. What makes Educational ERPCrebit unique?

Our continuous and qualitative after sales support, both online and onsite, training are of the best quality and this provides our customers complete control and confidence to make the implementation and usage of the software a real success. Today, anyone who wants to invest once and to ensure continuous trouble free functioning will be implementing Educational ERPCrebit - THAT’S FOR SURE.

Q6. How is Education ERPCrebit different from other School ERP solutions available in the market?

Experience and exposer that matters….!!!! - It is achieved through very systematic understanding of Institutions, their issues, different kinds of educational boards and their requirements and finally we have reached a level, from where any school can be handled well by us. This is possible because of the wide knowledge base and vast experience and immaculate after sale services acquired and sustained over a period of time. This enables us to take wise decision in implementing the package. We have implemented all modules and the institution could save enormous amount of time and money in running the school. - Educational ERPCrebit is in the national market for past 10 years and 6 years in the global market. Hardly any other Nigerian software company in this domain has survived for more. We are also associated with a major educational board to prepare the 10th standard result for 1 million students spread in 15000 schools. Educational ERPCrebit is also the most comprehensive, scalable and fully integrated package which imbibes the most advanced features like mobile apps, biometrics integration, smart card integrity, web enabling, yet it is affordable.

Q7. How to select the right software for my institution?

Take a wise decision and choose a partner for the ERP run/ journey. Software development is an evolution process, it cannot be done successfully in a single go, it takes time to assess and prepare a high-end system. The success rate is directly depending on the versions it get released and with number of customers for the product. Ex: See the evolution process of Microsoft Windows, Android technology etc. - Track record of the product and the company: Credibility of the company and its product are to be analyzed / verified well before signing a contract with them. Be specific in asking for the client details and their respective products purchased. Do not fall prey to companies those who show the list of their other products clients (hardware clients, language lab clients, smart board clients, etc). - The quality and quantity of support and assess the time taken for resolving a breaking down or any concerns. - Stability: How long they are established, and the stability of staff, stability of phone numbers, and stability of company location are important. The services for a custom made packages need to come from the developer. - Flexibility of product and company: The detailed study of product and match your requirement through it and see a comfortable sail. Ensure you are preparing the POC( proof of Concept ) before taking over the software. - Reference: Referrals from quality clients will be useful in decision making. It will be wise to take opinions from Principals and /or Bursars of institution, who are open to technological advancements. Please remember the negative opinion can also be projected from few staff who are finding it difficult in managing the software tool.

Q8. What are the different benefits of using a School automation software or school management software?

The major benefits are -Improves access to accurate and timely information assisting in better decision making. - Streamlines the process and eases the adoption of best business practices. - Enhances the workflow, increases efficiency, and reduces reliance on paper-based work. - Tightens the controls, automates the alerts and integrates various tasks of the institution, hence elimination of replicated tasks. - 100% accountability and cost saving of 3Ms (man , material and money) and services /activities. - Systematic functioning, Reliance on specific staffs reduce, Replacing office staff’s become easy - Departments get abolished and become functional links since data is centralized. * Data maintained by a reputed company with a contract/schools majorly face this challenge - Of maintaining the data safely for longer periods. - Technically – school gets faster and quality support.

Q9. Why should Schools and educational institutions go in for integrated Educational ERPCrebit Software?

Integrated Software that -Simplifies and standardize operational functions / business process, -Reduces overheads, - Ensures a systematic functioning, - Improves efficiency - Reduce the reliance on paper based work - Assuring complete accountability of man Money , Material & Activities - Cost saving on man, material, money and the activities. - Assist the management to take faster decision from accurate information.

Q10. Does outsourcing payroll cost more than doing it yourself?

In a word no. There's a very good chance that you can save money by outsourcing your payroll operations. Do the math. Figure out how many hours your employees are devoting to payroll-related activities, calculate how much you're spending and compare the amount to the plans offered by several payroll-services providers. Also, be sure to factor in the money your business spends on payroll software and other tasks like printing and distributing cheques, creating tax documents, and the like. You'll probably be surprised by the result.

Q11. What do I do next?.

Contact us with your requirements. Provide your details, your payroll requirements, and we will review your options for processing payroll, with no obligation. We will provide a quotation for your business.

Q12. What about all the extras I have to worry about like allowances and deductions etc.

We will assist in the transfer of your payroll to our facilities and thereafter we will manage all aspects.

Q13. Who handles the actual payment of my employees?

Payroll ERPCrebit will facilitate the transfer of employee wages from a bank account of your choice directly into employee bank accounts. All our payroll is provided electronically.

Q14. Will payroll services save me money?

Yes, overall the payroll service pays for itself. Above all it leaves you free to concentrate all your efforts on managing your business. Most likely, your business is not payroll outsourcing. However, if it is we also have a solution that will assist you to outsource all your payroll requirements - this is suitable for accountants and practitioners in areas of finance and taxation where completing client payroll is part of your business.

Q15. Should I Use Payroll Software?

Payroll software is a good solution for businesses to keep a track of their employees’ salary and taxes and ensure smooth transactions. Since the automated systems take care of most of the tasks, you don’t have to break a sweat doing everything manually. This simplifies the whole process and allows you to concentrate on other business aspects.

Q16. Can I Outsource My Company’s Payroll Functions?

This is one of the most common queries that most businesses have. If they find it difficult to handle payroll processing in-house, the best solution is to outsource it to an agency that has experience in it. This is a very effective measure as you need not spend time on payroll functions but rather can focus on your core business functions. This will prove to be highly beneficial in favor of your business down the lane.

Q17. What type of collateral do I need?

Flexible collateral arrangements depending on loan size (household goods, business equipment, goods in stock, vehicles, property etc.)

Q18. What if I operate an online business?

You must have a physical business location with tangible evidence that you do business and that the business is yours.

Q19. Do I need a guarantor?

Yes, at least one guarantor will be required for the loan process.

Q20. What if my business is not registered?

Proof of business ownership can be in form of shop rent receipt, invoices, goods/product receipt etc (Evidence to show your business have been in existence within the stipulated period).

Q21. What documents do I need to start the process?

A valid ID-card and proof of business ownership.

Q22. Do I need to open an account before I can get a loan?

No fee or mandatory account opening is required before you can get a loan from us. No COT on ABN account (zero COT on all ABN account type).

Q23. What is your interest rate?

Our interest rate differs depending on the loan amount. However, it is very competitive.

Q24. How long does it take to get a loan?

It doesn't take longer than it ought to as long as the necessary requirements are adequately met (less than 3 working days).

Q25. What type of Loan do you offer?

What we offer are business loans for businesses that are already in existence/operation, and housing/house improvement loans.

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